10 Top Sites for Ancient History Lovers (which aren't overrun by tour groups)

You've came to Italy to indulge your love of ancient history and to your frustration, nave found the sites .11 of slow-moving tour groups that are ruining the experience Luckily, Italy is home to thousands of incredible sites, many of which ore ignored by holiday-makers. So when the crowds ore getting you doom bead in the opposite direction and indulge yourself in the beauty of the ancient world

1. Herculaneum & Oplontis

Pompeii may be On your bucket list but it's on everyone else's teal Winding your way through streets filled with groups all heading for the same places isn't all that much tun. You ITlay net know that the UNESCO site that includes Pompeii, also recognizes 2 other incredible nearby sites.

The smaller town of Herculaneum is becoming more popular as people look for alternatives to Pompeii, and thanks to the great conservation work that has been going on here in recent years, but Ks Mill less crowded than its sister site. Ifs also much more informative for history buffs as the houses are for more complete than in Pompeii, where falling volcanic rock destroyed the roofs and upper levels of most of the houses.

Close to Pompeii is the modern town of Torre Annunziata where tourists rarely make the time to stop and see the wonderful site of Oplontis. The ancient Akr, which belonged to the imperial family, preserves brightly-colored frescoes in almost every room. Only the AMA of the Mysteries in Pompeii hos anything close to them, but here you won't be competing with anyone else to admire the paintings

2. Ostia Antica

If you can't make it to the Bay of Naples this hip, do take half o day to visit the remains of the ancient port town at Ostia Ifs a short train ride from the Porto San Paolo (Metro Piromide) train station in Rome, where trains leave about every 15 minutes.

Many of the structures you will see are connected with trade and commerce, the activities of the port and the towris wealth during the heyday of the empire. As the town was never buded and lost, It experienced decline a. plundering horn Late Antiquity, so it is well worth getting a guide to accompany you and exp.in where each piece fits into the historic jigsaw and how buildings were re-purposed over time

3. Ravenna

The mosaics of Ravenna should be o good enough reason alone to come to Italy, yet their tame is drowned out by WeOkth of other sites to visits

This tiny town in Emilio Romagna, which was briefly the capital of the Western Roman Empire In the 5th century, then the Ostrogoth Kingdom in the fith, is home to the most impressive examples of mosaics from this period The taws today Is Itself a gem, lovingly preserved and well-kept by the locals who are proud to show it to those who do make the effort to visit.

visiting the sites has been made easy for visitors who can buy a combined ticket that allows one entrance into each church over period of] days. If time is limited, ifs easy to s. all of them in a single day os most of the sites are within easy walking of each other, around the town center which is fiat and easy to navigate. Only the BOSH. of SanrApollinare in masse is harder to reach without a car. .ere are trains there, though the times are awkward, so if you haven't arrived with a driver, taking a ton is your test bet.

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