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For those who just want an overview of Venice’s main sights, I recommend this walk through the main streets of the city. It begins with an introduction to the monuments in St Mark’s Piazza: The Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Basin, together with the Basilica, Bell Tower and Clock Tower.
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Take photographs to remember your trip of a lifetime during this guided walk around Venice to the most picturesque canals, markets, boat-makers, palazzi, and scenes of daily life.
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Venice during the holiday season is absolutely incredible and it is one of the best times of the year to visit Venice when the crowds disappear and the locals remain, it is perhaps one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world to celebrate Christmas. This package is wonderful for those who want to experience the magic of Venice during the holiday period. Complete with transfers to get you to your hotel and back, a wonderful dinner and a stay at one of the most beautiful hotels with a spa in Venice, the hotel Reali. Truly beautiful!
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Join us as we examine the daily life Venetians from the 15-1700's. We'll visit the museum Ca Mocenigo to see a home and costumes from that era, and stroll through several neighborhoods learning about all aspects of Venetian life. We'll visit a Carnival mask maker, see Titian's first masterpiece in the beautiful church Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, and learn how Venice was constructed and remains standing today. Perhaps we'll even have time for an espresso and some traditional cookies?
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Travel, live and eat as the locals do in this 8 day luxury small-group journey which features Venice, Milan, Verona, the Lakes District, Florence, Pisa,Rome and more! Features superior 4* boutique hotels and special gourmet dinners throughout.
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La dolce vita embraces you from the moment you arrive in Rome. This adventure begins in the Eternal City, discovering its best-loved places and hidden treasures, both on foot and via Vespa! Your elegant boutique hotel is within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants, theaters, and piazzas. Heading north, you’ll explore the medieval streets of Siena and San Gimignano, before arriving in Florence. The city overflows with art, history, culture, and elegant Florentine cuisine. A private tour with an expert local guide reveals Florence’s well-known attractions and takes you off the beaten path to discover its hidden gems. As the grand finale, a first-class trip by high-speed train takes you to Venice, “Queen of the Adriatic.” Widely considered the world’s most beautiful city, Venice is a walker’s dream destination. Your luxurious hotel is close to Piazza San Marco and the Doge’s Palace. Explorations take you over arched bridges to Renaissance palaces and down timeless, stone walkways. A wine tasting at an authentic osteria and a guided tour by private water taxi showcase the beauty of the islands in the Venetian lagoon.
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Lunch with an up-and-coming Venetian “slow food” chef where they can have either a selection of raw and/or cooked fish and seafood or cured meats and cheeses. They carry boutique wines and make their own beer and breads in house. A guide will host the lunch and be available not only to talk about Venetian cuisine but also to answer any of your questions about Venice and give you tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your visit.
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Come explore the flora, fauna, and history of the Venetian lagoon and its islands in a traditional Venetian boat.  Perfect for nature-lovers!
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This is a private tour of Venice which begins with a pick up by boat at your cruise ship. It includes some of the most beautiful and romantic areas of the city and the Venetian lagoon.
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With a quick boat ride we will escape the crowds in St. Mark's Square and go back in time as we visit the island monastery of St. Lazarus of the Armenians and their amazing collections of art and artifacts from around the world.
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Whether your an artist looking for inspiration, or just want to take photographs to remember your trip of a lifetime, this walk is for you! We'll visit the most picturesque canals, markets, boat-makers, palazzi, and scenes of daily life that Venice has to offer and briefly discuss their history. Venetian painters distinguished themselves above all others for the intense colors and sensitivity to light that they portrayed. We'll see evidence of how the quality of the light and reflections of the water change the landscape throughout the day and affect the vision of Venice.
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This tour of Italy has been designed to expose students to Italy's most impressive art capitals and culinary traditions. From Venice through the region of Emilia Romagna and into Tuscany, students will get to experience the culinary delights and methods used to prepare them. It's an educational tour that will inspire and delight all of your senses!
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Venice by night is a place of romance and mystery. This Ghost walking tour of Venice features an itinerary that will take you on a journey through the hidden Venice where you will not only hear six intriging ghost stories that will bring a chill to the night's air, but you'll also be entertained by legends of sea monsters and the Venetians themselves that will include the legend of Marco Polo's wife. In addition to the ghost stories and legends this walking tour includes an itinerary that will pass by many architectural treasures that are hidden away in the back-streets of the Hidden Venice.
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Learn about the history of the gondola and it's role in Venice as we glide through hidden canals on the “backstreets” of the city.
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Learn about the history of the gondola and it's role in Venice as we glide through hidden canals on the “backstreets” of the city.
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Discover the orgins of the word “ghetto” and the history and traditions of the Jewish community in Venice, the oldest, orginal “ghetto” in Europe. We'll visit the Jewish Museum, synagogues, a former pawnshop that legend says gave us the financial term “being in the red” and meet members of the community today. We'll look at local art and even sample kosher gelato or traditional sweets.
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This is a beautiful half-day tour of the Venetian lagoon and some of the most colourful islands in Italy! It's incredible value for money and offers visitors to Venice a chance to get away from the crowds and experience authentic Venice. On this tour, you will sail to Murano to see how the beautiful coloured glass is made, then on to the pretty islands of Burano and Torcello. After sailing past the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, the Public Gardens, the tip of Sant'Elena and the famous Lido beach resort, the boat arrives in Murano, known throughout the world for its glass manufacturing industry. Here we stop for around 40 minutes to visit to one of the factories.
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This excursion will take you to explore the three most famous islands of the Venetian Lagoon. An extremely relaxing tour, which combines many different characteristics of Venice: the natural beauty, craftsmanship, a genuine fisherman village atmosphere and the history of the earliest days. - Murano is the island famous for its glassmaking, a traditional activity that still preserves the ancient techniques.
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The New Venice in 1 Day Tour combo package includes two very different sightseeing tours of Venice through which you can truly experience and appreciate the uniqueness and splendour of the city. In the morning you will start with our excellent Original Venice Walking Tour. Throughout its two-hour itinerary you'll follow a fascinating sightseeing route lined with important monuments as you'll learn the history of Venice from its origins to the modern-day.
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Our Best of Venice tour is perfect for visitors with only a limited time in Venice. This tour takes in all the highlights of Venice by foot – with a few less expected gems thrown into the mix. With skip the line access we cut out waiting time so you can spend more time exploring and less time queuing and allowing your dedicated guide to whisk you easily from one Venice highlight to the next. It's at one of these highlights that we'll make our first stop. PLEASE NOTE ON SUNDAY THE TOUR STARTS AT 1.30 PM. THE CLIENTS HAVE TO BE AT THE MEETING POINT 10 MINUTES BEFORE THE TOUR.
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We'll trace the evolution of one of Venice's most beautiful merchant goods - silk. We'll visit the only bottega in Europe still using ancient looms and see how they create the beautiful silk damasks and velvets that can be seen even today from the Kremlin to the catwalks of designers like Dolce and Gabbana. We'll continue on to Ca Mocenigo to see how these sumptuous fabrics were used in Venetian clothing and home furnishings in this beautiful palazzo to get a real sense of life in 18th century Venice. Then we'll hop over the Grand Canal to visit a famous costume atelier where they produce period clothing for film and television productions, as well as renting everything you need to attend a masked ball during Carnevale. We'll hear about Venetian Carnival traditions and you will go home with a handmade tricorn hat (worn by both men and women) to remind you of this unforgettable experience!
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This tour is of one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, the 'Veneto' region. Everyone knows about Venice, but few know that the Veneto region which Venice is a part of, is one of the largest wine producing regions in Italy and dotted with one incredible town after another. There is so much to explore here and this tours of the region can take you to find some of the more beautiful towns in this Northern region of Italy.
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Learn about the history of Venice and its most important sites as you cruise through the canals in a private water taxi!
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This is a three day, two night mini-stay in Venice that includes accommodation on Venice Island, round trip transportation from the airport to your hotel and then to the cruise ship (or vice versa), half day guided sightseeing tour of the Venetian Islands, Daily Buffet Breakfast at the hotel and all taxes.
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Join us as we escape the crowds and experience real life (both past and present) in Venice. We'll visit a typical neighborhood and explore it's history, art, and gastronomy.
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Venice and its history have always fascinated people from all walks of life. It is a place of contradictions - a city without land, an empire without borders. Everyone knows what Venice is, but fewer know why it came is or how it came to be. It is not simply a work of art, but a birthplace of modern capitalism. This tour offers visitors to a morning walking tour through some of the most incredible sites in Venice and monuments including the Doges' Palace.
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This is a wonderful and unique experience we offer of Northern Italy that departs from Venice and ends in Milan. It includes one night in Venice which is perfect for those coming into Venice or already in Venice as the first night we meet is a group orientation dinner. The next day we head to the historical and glorious city of Verona, followed by Sirmione on Lake Garda and Lake Como in the later afternoon. Not only the beautiful cities and areas in Northern Italy are included, we also have a full day sightseeing tour of Milan and include in this package a complimentary transfer back to Rome if you want to go to Rome.
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