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We have been designing customized vacations in Italy for over 11 years. We got our start in a very unique way without having any intention of ever becoming a tour operator and the entire venture started and still exists entirely out of love.

In 2003, the owner of the company Jesse Andrews graduated from McGill University in Montreal QC, Canada and made a life changing decision to move to the region of Calabria .  It's a truly incredible story of what happened after that.  Having absolutely no information about the region of Calabria or town she was traveling to at that time on the Internet, Jesse went looking for information in guide books and consulting with the Italian regional tourism board.  They didn't tell her much except that it might be dangerous. Nobody knew anything, yet she had a great job offer to teach English and really wanted to learn Italian and went to Calabria anyway, never looking back on her decision.  When she got there, she found what she considered paradise.  A beautiful sea-side resort town, in 2003 Praia a Mare had no tourists from the outside world which Jesse could not understand and so during her time in the town she contacted the mayor and with broken Italian explained that she thought she could do something to change tourism to the region.  The mayor of the town agreed with her that it was a great idea and she ended up making a website for that town and then because of her work there, ended up having the opportunity to photograph and write about towns and cities all over Southern Italy.

In 2003 there was next to no information about many towns and cities all over the south of Italy and throughout Italy in general and so by Jesse's work in Calabria, many towns and cities in the south of Italy began to be photographed, documented and promoted as touristic destinations.  As a result of her work, she gained empoyment working with other major tour operators and was able to work in organizing several itineraries and vacation packages in both the south, north and central Italy. 

The majority of photos on our website are all taken by Jesse Andrews who has cycled, walked, driven and kayaked and lived in countless dozens of regions all over Italy and as the company has grown and our team has grown stronger we have organized sporting events and long itineraries for English speaking Universities around the world. We have organized large concerts for groups like Liverpool's Metropolitan choir at the Duomo in Florence and we have helped large companies plan divine incentive groups in places where very few operators would be able to, like Sardegna, Rome, Venice, Capri and all over the Amalfi Coast, not to mention numerous religious pilgrimages to the Vatican and numerous other churches throughout Italy for church groups and their leaders across the globe.

These large scale events, nor vacations which have that added special touch, would be not be possible without the knowledge, expertise and relationships that have taken years to build, with people throughout Italy which to us make up the most valuable part of our organization. Please have a look at some of our photos in our photo gallery of trips to see the types of events that we are talking about! We hope that we will have the opportunity to impress you!

How We Work

We can provide you with a great deal of assistance regarding your trip as soon as possible.

Simply write us an email: team@italygroupspecialists.com and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

You can also call us in Italy or North America to have a private, no-fee consultation toll free at 1-800-393-2810

It won't cost you a dime to write us or to have us prepare a pricing quotatioin for your group. We are delighted to give you our recommendations and insight as to what may work best for your group.

Our central office in Italy is located in Rome, however our partners have offices throughout Italy and our extensive network of local suppliers all over Italy allows us to maintain control in a variety of destinations at the same time. We also have a central office in North America and work with travel agents around the world. In effect, because of the time differences all over the world, our offices are open 24 hours a day and for this reason we are generally able to respond to your enquiries incredibly promptly. Our system has been tried and tested throughout the years and it is most likely for this reason we have had so many testimonials!


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