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Welcome to Italy Group Specialists!

Thank you for visiting our website and exploring some of our product offerings here in Italy which range from luxurious villas and vacation packages to sea-side retreats in Positano or Rome that are less than you may have ever thought imaginable.

The difference is expert advice. We are as our name implies the Italy Group Specialists, though hindsight is 20/20 and we never should have put the word group in there! We are the Italy Specialists and you can write us about anything! Seriously. We love to write and answer questions about anything that is anything under the Italian Sun! Italy is the most beautiful country in Europe. Bold statement, yes: In our opinion, true.

We live, breathe and love this place. We love it and we hope you will too. We also know that Italy is a place of many contradictions and traveling here takes a great deal of planning. Transfers, trains, hotels, villas, apartments, ferries, sailboats, flights, where to dance on a Saturday night in Rome, we have you covered.

We take the headache of what can be travelling in Italy out of travelling in Italy and we remain at your complete disposal to assist you, your travelling companions or your loved ones in any way that we can.

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Our Tours

Customized Travel Services for Families & Friends, Students and Lovers of All Things Italian

Villas and Apartments

Beautiful villas, apartments and cottages in stunning locations throughout Italy; ideally suited for families, groups of friends or special interest groups. We are able to negotiate directy with owners on your behalf to ensure exceptional rates and are also able to provide for private chefs and/or catering services.  

Tours for Artists and Art Lovers in Italy

Exclusive tours are available specifically for artists and art lovers. We collaborate with artists in Italy as well as internationally renowned instructors to bring you tours throughout Italy. Check out our Watercolour Painting tour in Venice for May 2014 as well as our 1-day, 3-day and 7-day pacakges in Florence, Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast.    

Customize a Trip to Italy for Your Group

In the 57 years we've been in business we can safely say that no two groups we've ever worked with have been the same. Every group has a unique 'wish list' of must see places and things to do. With your group's wish list in mind we will do our very best to make sure we can fulfill as many requirements as possible within your budget.

Privately Guided Small Group Tours

All over Italy we have exceptional guides in every region, province, city and town. From North to South and East to West we have a network of professional and licensed English speaking tour guides that go out of their way to make your experience in Italy truly remarkable.

Food, Wine Tours and Special Interest Tours

Italy is synonymous with food and wine and no doubt some of the members of your group will be curious to learn about the foods and wines of our land that vary considerably from region to region.

Italian Romance

  • Weddings 
  • Honeymoons 
  • Anniversaries
  • Ti Amo" I Love you! Italian Style~!

Family Travel

For families of all ages, Italy is our top pick for so many reasons and makes not only for sublime relaxation but also enormous opportunities for educational and culturally rewarding experiences. For families of all ages, we can offer truly remarkable experiences at exceptional savings

Car Rental and Transportation Options in Italy

Italy Group Specialists offers a number of car-rental options, private and group transfers, train travel options and a number of other convenient transportation solutions at unbeatable prices. Your party will be well advised by our team as to what transportation options will work best for you between particular destinations. 

Flights to Italy and within Europe

For flights to Italy and within Italy, we have fantastic prices and knowledge of Italian Airports.  In Italy it often makes sense for those who are wanting to see the entire country to take a flight instead of driving or taking the train. It can be more economical and convenient.   

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